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About Sanctuary

What is Sanctuary

About Sanctuary

Sanctuary was named to honor the history of the church and to let people know that we are a welcoming, safe environment.

We launched at the end of 2019 with a mission of supporting the community and the arts, to host great live entertainment, as well as committing to preserving the building and its legacy. With high ceilings, historic stained-glass windows, grand chandeliers and a state-of-the-art lighting system, we are able create experiences unparalleled in the area.

We have hosted many concerts, private events, fund-raisers, and craft shows, and the reviews by artists, event hosts and attendees have been all positive and word spread. Within just a few months we were being sought out by artists, organizations, and individuals to host events.

A Brief History of the Church

The church in which Sanctuary is located, was built in 1852 by Amory Maynard, the namesake of the town, and it was not only a place of worship, but a school and gathering hall for all. For more than 150 years the Union Congregational Church was the hub of the community and a destination.

Tens of thousands of residents went to school, worshiped, were married, and were memorialized here. The Union Congregational Church was the default location for large community events, and presidential election campaigns were even held on the outside lawn. In an ever-changing world, the church was the one constant in Maynard, always providing guidance, hope, support, and refuge.

Unfortunately, as the congregation dwindled, the Church fell onto hard times and in 2017 they put the property up for sale. My wife and I were selected as the new owners, primarily because we recognized the historic impact of this property and we promised to honor the history of the Church and restore its prominence as a gathering place for the community.

Thank you to all the past congregants of the Union Congregational Church

Your contribution to Maynard can never be overstated